Valerie M. Gionis, CEO

Valerie serves as Chief Executive Officer & President for Valtari Bio.

Ms. Gionis has served a broad range of leadership roles in multiple disciplines, including marketing, operations, and grant administration. As most of her career has been spent with small innovation firms, in technology and biotechnology spaces, the challenges she faced demanded cross-functional expertise and an ability to do more with less.

Ms. Gionis is the acting marketing director for Optivia Biotechnology, where she has spent the last few months revamping the firm’s brand, market presence, and go-to-market strategy. She guided the process of designing, building, and launching a new website. Her work has resulted in Optivia now being the most widely-recognized brand in molecular transporters. Her work is translating into substantial sales growth for the firm.  Ms. Gionis previously served as VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications for TV Magic, where she positioned this video systems integrator into its most successful new vertical market. In addition to market strategy and positioning, she was responsible for collateral development, sales support, and project management.
Her previous experience includes Director of Operations for Vala Sciences Inc., a biotechnology company in San Diego, CA that develops and markets cell-based image analysis software and reagents to researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Prior to her role with Vala Sciences, Ms. Gionis served as Marketing Communications and Patent Manager at Q3DM Inc., a life -sciences start-up that brought to market a high content imaging and analysis systems for life science research and diagnostics before it was sold to Beckman Coulter Inc. in 2003.