The Valtari Bio Blog is Here!

Science has a long way to go to bring everyday clinical innovations to the patients and providers who need them at the bedside. Scientists do an awesome job of creating new technologies, making research discoveries that save lives, and everything else in between, but we often have a very hard time making that information relevant to the end-user or worse, we never bring it to the patient’s bedside.

As a young nurse scientist, I was driven by passion and commitment to do science differently in a way that would make an impact. My passion and drive were born out of frustration and powerlessness to diagnose and treat stroke and traumatic brain injury patients. Since Valtari Bio’s inception in February 2014; our focus is on what is in the best interest of the patient from diagnosis to recovery and how to find innovative and clinically useful tools to identify and treat stroke patients.

Since I became a nurse, I have wanted to change the approach to stroke and brain injury care, not because we were terrible at it, but because I knew we could do better and my patients deserved better.  I started testing novel diagnostic approaches based on blood biomarkers in my research laboratory and was very successful in raising money to support our research. Along the way, we discovered a lot of new information that resulted in peer-reviewed publications in respectable journals and patent filings, but I always felt there was more I could be doing.

It dawned on me that publishing our findings in research journals is great for climbing the academic ladder and garnering research credibility, but it did very little to get the information out to the communities who need them the most. The science that will make a difference in the future is the science that is made known and available to the public.

We have created this blog to bring you the latest and greatest in Valtari Bio innovation, related scientific discoveries, and useful information on stroke and TBI discoveries. Our goal is to get the word out about how the landscape for stroke diagnosis, treatment, and recovery is changing in a very innovative way.

So please share information about this blog to anyone you know who may be interested and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for daily tidbits.  

Information from our blog is not intended to serve as medical advice and should always be evaluated by a certified clinician.