Richard F. Giersch, Chairman

Richard serves as Chairman of the Board for Valtari Bio.

Richard is a seasoned biotechnology and venture capital executive. He has served as Director of Information at Fusion Ventures, a venture capital firm where he led technology evaluation and due diligence. He then accepted the Chief Operating Officer position with ZenBio, a regenerative medicine company and research tool provider. In that role he led licensing, manufacturing operations, university partnerships, grant development, and sales operations for 6.5 years. He then became Director of Grants and Development for 21 Ventures, at the time the third largest green and renewable energy venture firm in the world. In that position, he ran a team of 4 to secure over $65 million dollars in funding and assisted with investment portfolio evaluation. Just prior to joining WVU, Giersch was the Chief Science Officer and corporate liaison for the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials and served on the Rutgers/Cleveland Clinic Executive Committee of the Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a $50 million dollar initiative to develop advanced treatment options for wounded warriors. In his career, he has taught classes and seminars on entrepreneurship and technology evaluation at UNC Chapel Hill, NY Academy of Sciences, the NYU Stern School of Business, and TechCoire, a Sacramento Entrepreneur’s group. Additionally, he was a panelist on a 10 Day European Trade Mission with the NC Department of Commerce discussing Start-ups and Entrepreneurship in the US. Richard is a creative and strategic thinker who is able to communicate complex scientific and business concepts in ways that are easily understood and compelling.

Richard graduated with a BS from WVU and completed graduate work at UNC Chapel Hill before entering the biotech and greentech start-up space.