Rapid evaluation Stroke Triage Test – ReST™ Test

For the initial and immediate detection of stroke.

Valtari Bio is an early-stage company focused on developing an easy-to-use blood test for triaging suspected STROKE patients in the emergency setting. The current clinical standard for acute stroke diagnosis is based solely on clinical assessment of symptoms. There is no simple, immediate, and unbiased way to diagnose stroke once a patient presents to the acute care team for treatment. Diagnosis takes 60 minutes on average. Thus, differentiating stroke from no stroke within minutes of arrival is a large unmet clinical need which would allow clinicians to make better-informed decisions earlier in the treatment process, resulting in faster treatment and overall improved patient recovery.
Two-thirds of US hospitals are not stroke certified and do not have stroke clinical expertise or advanced neuroimaging to aid in the immediate triage of suspected stroke patients. This results in a 37% misdiagnosis rate. Misdiagnosis and significantly delayed diagnosis are often attributed to clinician’s assessment being biased, such as a twenty-year-old not being evaluated for stroke, because their slurred speech is attributed to drugs or alcohol or a middle aged man or woman’s headache and blurred vision being attributed to a migraine.
Valtari Bio’s blood-based diagnostic test quickly differentiates NO STROKE patients (e.g. complicated migraine, bell’s palsy, vertigo, dizziness, and other non-stroke mimics) from STROKE patients (stroke includes: ischemic, hemorrhagic, and transient ischemic attack) within 10 minutes of arrival for treatment.