Valtari Bio is developing a blood test to aid in the rapid triage of suspected stroke patients. Our ReST™ (Rapid evaluation Stroke Triage) test will help clinicians with or without stroke expertise make a confident initial stroke versus no stroke (e.g. complicated migraine, bell’s palsy, vertigo, dizziness, etc.) determination in ten minutes or less. Valtari Bio is not differentiating types of stroke (ischemic, hemorrhagic, TIA, etc.) as the market size is much smaller and regulatory and reimbursement hurdles are much greater.


Unmet Clinical Need

Physicians need a rapid and confident method, from the moment a suspected stroke patient hits the door, for making an initial unbiased diagnosis of stroke versus no stroke. The current clinical standard is based solely on a clinician’s assessment of symptoms and rudimentary stroke scale tools. There is no simple, immediate, and unbiased way to diagnose stroke.

Market Analysis

The multi-billion-dollar stroke misdiagnosis market includes any patient suspected of having a stroke in an acute care setting, including ambiguous and symptomatic stroke patients


Consequences of Misdiagnosis

Healthcare System Cost Patient Outcome Cost – TIME IS BRAIN
In emergency rooms 40% of non‐strokes are misdiagnosed as stroke, up to 2.2M patients having unnecessary stroke workupsStroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide; responsible for 1 in 20 deaths in the US
20% of strokes are missed, leading to poor patient outcomes and significantly increased healthcare system costs for rehabilitation and recoveryFor every 15 minutes of faster treatment, mortality is reduced by 5%
Rural areas are most adversely effected by lack of stroke expertise and access to neuroimaging
“If we are thinking like a clinician, then any given patient with any alteration in mental status or neurological exam COULD be a stroke. The level of SUSPICION in a clinician’s mind drives the diagnostic workup. The patients at HIGH suspicion are going to get the most workup, and Valtari Bio’s test will AFFIRM their thinking and drive fast treatment. For the patients who are at lower suspicion – Valtari Bio’s test is a safety net to CATCH the possible misses and drive suspicion and subsequent workup. We need this tool to significantly augment our overall clinical acumen for ruling in and ruling out suspected stroke.”
Key Opinion Leader – Chair of Emergency Medicine, a practicing emergency department physician, and leading stroke clinical trialist


In emergency settings, 40% of non-strokes are misdiagnosed as stroke and 20% of strokes are missed

Current stroke scale methods for rapid and initial diagnosis are lacking