CereDx to Develop and Market Companion Diagnostic for Stroke

Firm created to develop and market innovative companion diagnostic test for strokes

Morgantown, WV., May 08, 2014 CereDx founded this year by two biotech veterans and a research pioneer on stroke detection to further develop and market a companion diagnostic for stroke detection.  This tool provides a point of care test to measure the presence of  a panel biomarkers for stroke that will offer medical providers and emergency personnel an unbiased, quick, and accurate diagnosis of ischemic stroke and prediction of stroke symptom onset.

Dr. Taura Barr, the firm’s Chief Science Officer and principal investigator on the project for WVU, says that while there is a great deal of work to be done, the breakthrough represented by this work, cannot be understated.  “Fast, accurate assessment of the type and timing of a stroke are the key to how clinicians treat patients. Without that information, many patients go without treatments that can vastly improve their recovery outcomes. CereDx will represent a significant advance the Companion Diagnostics market for stroke detection and treatment.”

Richard Giersch, CEO for the new firm, is a seasoned biotech and VC executive.  He was Director of Information for Fusion Ventures and was a member of the technology evaluation and due diligence team, where he had broad exposure to a great number of innovative biotech prospects. “That is a big reason I am so excited about CereDx. I have seen a great many projects which were simple to implement but difficult to market, and others which had a great deal of marketability, but were very difficult to execute from an operational or cost perspective. CereDx has all the right ingredients.  Nearly 800,000 people a year in the US alone suffer from stroke, and in most of the cases, determining stroke type and time of onset is a difficult and subjective task. Even worse, many hospitals and medical facilities do not have the technology to do this type of work. If there were a cost-effective, efficient, and easily implemented assay available, it would be used in the vast majority of those cases. CereDx is that solution, and we couldn’t be more excited about bringing this life-changing technology to market.”

About CereDx Inc.

CereDx is a genomics diagnostics and prognostics company focused on advancing the treatment of brain injury, through the development of next-generation precision diagnostics. With a focus on companion diagnostics, CereDx is developing a point-of-care-test that offers medical providers and emergency personnel unbiased, quick and accurate diagnosis of ischemic stroke and prediction of stroke symptom onset.  Stroke is one of the leading causes of adult disability in the United States and Europe. Fast, accurate assessment of type and timing of stroke are critical to proper treatment and recovery. Current methods lack both accuracy and speed and often require expert evaluation. CereDx is well positioned to bring a blood based stroke diagnostic to market, creating a new standard for stroke diagnosis, stroke care and ultimately patient recovery.